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I did a Survival and Bushcraft course with CANARIAS BUSHCRAFT a few days ago and I’m still hiped about it! The location was beautiful, people were incredible, the learning and growing atmosphere so positive and supportive and… The teacher, Maykol García, has such extensive knowledge about everything that had to do with our path- biology, medicine, history, geography, geology, chemistry… The list of the different information we’ve received in the course is so long that it was amazing! Its like this guy knows everything about anything! And then his abilities- he can do anything with his hands and his own design of a knife (MUELA ABORIGEN KNIFE- I want one of those!). And all that so humbly, so pleasant, so present… I’m a huge fan now. Maykol- wherever you’re gonna give a course please let me know because I want to be there! You are the teacher of all teachers, in such a holistic way it didn’t feel like a course but more like a bunch of friends in the nature.


Una experiencia que se queda grabada en la piel, en la retina… imborrable en todos los sentidos
de las manos de un profesional, super atento y explicandonos todo al detalle
Sientes como te invita a fusionarte con el monte, con la naturaleza y te hace sentir como en casa
Gracias x enseñarnos las técnicas básicas de supervivencia!! debe ser buen profesor si mi chico y yo conseguimos hacer fuego en un día En un día húmedo y lluvioso.

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Nicholas Catton

Bushcraft and survival course in a Gran Canaria. I had an excellent time with Maykol and the group learning about bushcraft and survival techniques. All of the activities had a great pace to them, learning first the theory and then having a chance to get stuck in with the practical. From water purification to trap setting, fire lighting and much more. I was impressed by how much was covered but also how balanced and relaxed the experience felt. Maykol is a great instructor with a unique ability to communicate his knowledge in an enjoyable but effective way. He managed the group dynamics well and had an awareness for each persons rhythm, strengths and weaknesses. All of these components came together to create a hugely insightful learning experience. I left with a better understanding of not only the techniques but also of human psychology and man’s connection with the natural world.

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Esperanza Amado

Respeto por la Naturaleza. Sólo cazar lo que necesites, evitando que el animal sufra innecesariamente.
La fuerza y la ternura son dos de sus definiciones par quien le conozca un día. Amigo para quien le conoce algo más.
Si hubiera más personas como él, el mundo iría de otra manera.
Gracias, AMIGO.

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